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John Li


John Li Co-Founder & CEO
at Vimcal

John Li of Vimcal explains how the software allows busy founders and executives to effectively and efficiently manage their schedules.

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David Forsberg


David Forsberg Managing Partner
at Ascent Energy Ventures

David Forsberg of Ascent Energy Ventures discusses Ascent's unique investment focus on digital tools for the energy industry, and explains how he reviews potential investments.

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Haje Kamps


Haje Kamps Founder & Pitch Coach
at Pitch Guide

Haje Kamps explains how Pitch Guide, an AI tool that analyzes pitch decks, helps founders improve their fundraising pitches by suggesting improvements and enhancements.

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Ben Parr


Ben Parr AI Founder, Investor, Columnist
at The AI Analyst

Ben Parr, writer and analyst, discusses his involvement with early AI systems and explains how AI will impact the startup ecosystem.

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Casey Woo


Casey Woo Founder, Managing Member
at Operators Guild

Operators Guild cultivates a community of finance and operations professionals who help each other navigate the issues involved in scaling companies, and develop professional networks.

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Kelly Caviglia


Kelly Caviglia Director - Head of Startup Banking
at Bridge Bank

Kelly Caviglia at Bridge Bank talks about the services Bridge provides for startups, including venture lending, credit card solutions, treasury management, and more.

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Stacy Edgar


Stacy Edgar CEO
at Venteur

Stacy Edgar explains how Venteur's solutions help companies provide flexible individual healthcare plans for employees.

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Jake Cronin


Jake Cronin Co-Founder & Co-CEO
at Siro

Jake Cronin, co-founder of Siro, explains how Siro makes great sales coaching available to salespeople, helping them realize their potential.

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Don Muir


Don Muir CEO
at Arc

Don Muir of Arc explains Arc Capital Markets, a marketplace for bespoke venture debt and startup-focused credit products.

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Gautam Gupta


Gautam Gupta General Partner
at TCV

What are VCs looking for in today's market? Gautam Gupta of TCV discusses what it takes to fundraise right now, including an emphasis on company fundamentals, significant gross profit margins, what to call out in a pitch meeting, and what to look for in a term sheet.

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Eric Ver Ploeg


Eric Ver Ploeg Founding Partner
at Tunitas Ventures

How do startups get to Series A? Eric Ver Ploeg, founding partner of Tunitas Ventures, discusses Series A investing, including timing, choosing VCs, shutting down a startup, startup valuations, and more..

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Abe Othman


Abe Othman Head of Data Science
at AngelList

Abe Othman of AngelList discusses the current status of the startup ecosystem.

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David Bergeron


David Bergeron Co-Founder and President
at ReSeed Partners

David Bergeron, explains how ReSeed Partners brings together talented real estate professionals and long-term investors to build real estate businesses.

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Kyle Vamvouris


Kyle Vamvouris Founder and CEO
at Vouris

Kyle Vamvouris, founder and CEO of Vouris Sales Consultancy, talks about things that founders should know about the sales process, hiring sales people, and developing a sales team.

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Julian Christmas


Julian Christmas Founder
at Cintra Global

Julian Christmas of Cintra Global discusses how Cintra helps startups with international hiring, taxes, and payroll across a wide range of countries and borders.

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Shomik Ghosh


Shomik Ghosh Partner
at Boldstart Ventures

Shomik Ghosh, partner at VC firm Boldstart, discusses the types of companies Boldstart invests in, and looks at the current venture capital marketplace.

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Sarvin Patel


Sarvin Patel COO/CFO
at Curie Co.

Sarvin Patel of Curie Co discusses Curie Co's technology, which works to replace chemicals with biodegradable enzymes, reducing the amount of chemicals entering the environment by replacing them in personal care products.

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Bryan Harper


Bryan Harper Managing Director
at InfraFi

Bryan Harper of IntraFi discusses banking deposit networks, and how IntraFi's network of over 3,000 banks provides expanded FDIC insurance to businesses with large deposits.

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Bebe Kim


Bebe Kim Founder and CEO
at Basis.so

Bebe Kim of Basis explains how their financial platform connects financial and operational data to help startups get a complete picture of their businesses.

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Michael Bjorn Huseby


Michael Bjorn Huseby Investment Funds Attorney
at DLA Piper

Michael Bjorn Huseby of DLA Piper explains some of the legal issues of venture capital, including 506(b) regulations, capital calls, VC partnership structures, management fees, carried interest, and more.

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Kathryn Petralia


Kathryn Petralia Co-Founder and Chief Keeper
at Keep Financial

Kathryn Petralia explains how Keep Financial helps companies offer effective employee incentive programs, and leverages bonuses and financial compensation to motivate workers and improve hiring.

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Don Muir


Don Muir CEO
at Arc

Don Muir of Arc discusses how Arc has used technology to provide banking to startups, adding savings, checking, cash management, and brokerage services.

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Jose Ancer


Jose Ancer Partner & CTO
at Optimal Counsel

Jose Ancer of Optimal Counsel discusses legal services for startups.

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David Pezeshki


David Pezeshki Co-Founder
at Initio

David Pezeshki talks about 409A valuations and how Initio makes the process easier by offering customized valuations with optimized, defensible outcomes.

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Michael Frankel


Michael Frankel Founder and Managing Partner
at Trajectory Capital

Michael Frankel of Trajectory Capital discusses private equity, which can be an alternate route to success for many startups that may be viable businesses but lack the growth that venture capital funds need.

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Sara Skowronski


Sara Skowronski President
at Eos HR

Sara Skowronski, president of Eos HR Consulting, discusses the services that Eos offers to help startups with their HR needs.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher Chief Financial Officer
at CoreWeave

Evan Meagher, Chief Financial Officer of CoreWeave, as a wide-ranging discussion with Scott Orn about new technology, the current state of the economy, and how these changes are affecting the venture capital market.

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Benjamin Verschuere


Benjamin Verschuere Co-Founder and CIO
at Treasure FI

Ben Verschuere, Co-Founder and CIO of Treasure FI, talks about how startups can use Treasure FI's cash management platform to reduce risk and increase yields.

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Omri Mor


Omri Mor Co-founder and CEO
at Routable

Routable focuses on helping businesses scale their payment solutions, and Omri Mor, Co-founder and CEO, explains how the company developed its platform for sending B2B payments worldwide.

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Luke Hutchison


Luke Hutchison Co-founder and CEO
at Perfect Venue

Luke Hutchison, CEO and Co-Founder of Perfect Venue, explains how Perfect Venue works with hospitality businesses to streamline event management.

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Simon Gleeson


Simon Gleeson Partner
at Blick Rothenberg

Simon Gleeson of Blick Rothenberg talks about different ways that startups can pay workers in other countries, including professional employer organizations (PEOs), employers of record, and non-domiciled employers.

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Leon Mueller


Leon Mueller Co-founder and CEO
at Bloom

Leon Mueller, co-founder and CEO of Bloom, talks about Bloom's self-directed therapy app that provides mental health assistance to people in need.

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Benjamin Döpfner


Benjamin Döpfner Founder and CEO
at Vesto

Benjamin Döpfner of Vesto talks about cash management strategies and explains how Vesto can help startups get a better yield on their cash while maintaining liquidity and preserving their capital.

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Navneet Loiwal


Navneet Loiwal Co-Founder and CEO
at Coefficient

Co-founder of Coefficient, Navneet Loiwal, discusses how Coefficient connects Google sheets with source systems to automatically sync data with a single click and easily monitor changes with Slack and email alerts.

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Emily Wang


Emily Wang CEO
at Bento

Emily Wang, CEO of Bento, shares the company's vision of everboarding, an ongoing software adoption process that helps B2B SaaS companies build more effective onboarding workflows.

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Joyce Zhang Gray


Joyce Zhang Gray Co-founder and CEO
at Alariss

Joyce Zhang Gray, CEO and Co-Founder of Alariss, talks about how Alariss matches global companies with US talent.

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Manik Suri


Manik Suri Founder and CEO
at Therma

Manik Suri, founder and CEO, explains how Therma helps prevent refrigeration issues by providing 24/7 equipment monitoring for companies that use refrigeration.

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Jonathan Grant


Jonathan Grant VP of Finance & Operations
at Osano

Jonathan Grant, VP of Finance & Operations, explains how Osano helps companies manage their website privacy programs and maintains compliance.

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Michelle Valentine


Michelle Valentine Co-founder & CEO
at Anrok

Tracking and paying state sales tax is a complicated issue for businesses, but startup company Anrok streamlines and simplifies the process.

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Alex Kracov


Alex Kracov Founder and CEO
at Dock

Alex Kracov, CEO and Founder of Dock, explains how Dock helps businesses collaborate by hosting all the information that two organization share.

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Andrew Miller


Andrew Miller Chief Operating Officer
at Minnesota Vikings

Andrew Miller, Chief Operating Officer of the Minnesota Vikings, tells us how his sports and educational background led him into business operations for NFL.

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Tim Menard


Tim Menard Founder and CEO
at LYT

Tim Menard, CEO and Founder of LYT, joins Scott Orn to discuss LYT's connected vehicle and machine learning technologies that optimize traffic flow.

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Ann Jaskiw


Ann Jaskiw Founder and CEO
at Tactic

Ann Jaskiw, CEO of Tactic, joins Scott Orn to talk about how Tactic's cryptocurrency accounting platform helps businesses track crypto transactions.

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Sarah Jacobson


Sarah Jacobson Co-founder
at FairStreet

Sarah Jacobson, co-founder of FairStreet, discusses how FairStreet helps insurance brokers enroll older adults in the right Medicare health insurance plans.

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David Mayer


David Mayer Founder and CEO
at Elemmir

David Mayer, founder of Elemmir and Emmy-nominated director/producer, talks about the value of video for B2B businesses and the solutions Elemmir provides.

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Leslie Hensley


Leslie Hensley & Lee Turner Co-Founder & People Leader

Leslie Hensley and Lee Turner, co-founders of HENSLEE, discuss HENSLEE's HR solutions and how it can help develop a human resource strategy.

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Adam Markowitz


Adam Markowitz Founder and CEO
at Drata

Adam Markowitz, CEO and Founder of Drata, discusses how Drata can streamline data audits and help companies protect their data.

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Courtney McCrea


Courtney McCrea Co-founder and Managing Partner
at Recast Capital

Courtney McCrea, co-founder and managing partner of Recast Capital, discusses how Recast Capital helps link investors to emerging managers in venture.

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Harris Stolzenberg


Harris Stolzenberg Co-Founder
at Flok

Harris Stolzenberg, co-founder and CEO of Flok, discusses how Flok streamlines and simplifies event planning in order to bring remote teams together.

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Michal Cieplinski


Michal Cieplinski Chief Business Officer
at Pipe

Michal Cieplinski, Chief Business Officer of Pipe, discusses how Pipe helps startups by transforming recurring revenue into working capital.

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Rose Punkunus


Rose Punkunus Founder and CEO
at Sudozi

Rose Punkunus, Founder and CEO of Sudozi, discusses how the company streamlines workflows by digitizing offline data and worksheets to help monitor vendor spending and budgets, improving budget insights and decisions.

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Blake Oliver


Blake Oliver Founder & CEO
at Earmark

Blake Oliver from Earmark discusses the Earmark app which empowers CPAs to earn Continuing Professional Education credit easily from their smartphone.

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Marcelino Pantoja


Marcelino Pantoja CEO and Founder
at Measurement

Marcelino Pantoja from Measurement discusses launching the first venture capital index fund that brings in investors at the beginning of Series A funding.

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Brian Sterz


Brian Sterz Founding Partner
at Wavepoint Capital

Brian Sterz, of Wavepoint Capital, joins Scott Orn to talk about launching the Wavepoint Fund, an equity hedge fund focused on disruptive opportunities.

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Alex Song


Alex Song Head of Finance and Capital Markets
at Ramp

Alex Song of Ramp discusses the company's new products for credit cards and cash management, including an assisted travel solution and crypto options.

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David Greenbaum


David Greenbaum Founder and CEO
at OnPlan

David Greenbaum of OnPlan discusses OnPlan's product which combines spreadsheets, native business intelligence and a multidimensional database.

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Don Muir


Don Muir Co-Founder & CEO
at Arc

Don Muir of Arc joins the Founders and Friends Podcast to explain how Arc's technology and data can streamline the venture debt underwriting process.

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Natalie Paterson


Natalie Paterson Co-Founder & CEO
at Ingarden

Natalie Paterson discusses Ingarden, and talks about the advantages of cultivating microgreens in your home and how Ingarden's technology can help grow food for families.

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Kareem Saleh


Kareem Saleh Founder & CEO
at FairPlay AI

Kareem Saleh of FairPlay AI talks about how the company is working with lending institutions to improve and advance their lending practices to reduce systemic bias.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher Chief Financial Officer
at CoreWeave

CoreWeave provides companies with compute products on an enterprise scale, supporting intensive workloads.

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Sona Akmakjian


Sona Akmakjian Global Head of Strategic Accounting Partnerships
at Avalara

Sona Akmakjian talks about the challenges businesses face with state tax returns, and how the tax compliance software, Avalara, can help.

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Lauren Dai


Lauren Dai COO & Co-founder
at Cocoon

Lauren Dai of Cocoon explains how the company started, Cocoon's mission, and how Cocoon helps employers more effectively manage employee leave time.

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Jason McKinney


Jason McKinney Co-founder and CEO
at Truffle Shuffle

Jason McKinney, co-founder and CEO of Truffle Shuffle, discusses how the company began and shares some of the programs and successes.

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Kelsey Chase


Kelsey Chase Co-founder and President
at Aumni

Kelsey Chase provides an overview of Aumni, an analysis tool that provides financial insights into venture capital investment.

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Tom Nguyen


Tom Nguyen Co-founder & CEO
at Café

Tom Nguyen discusses the creation and development of Café, a software solution that allows employees to easily and quickly schedule time in and out of the office.

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Katie Shea


Katie Shea Co-Founder & General Partner
at Divergent Capital

Katie Shea of Divergent Capital talks about her background, industries in which she invested, and things she looks for when investing in a startup.

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Mark Khavkin


Mark Khavkin CFO
at Pantheon

Mark Khavkin discusses his experience and the importance of finance in startups, and how finance helps companies operate cohesively with common goals.

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Mike Dombrowski


Mike Dombrowski Head of Capital Markets
at InterPrime

Startups need an investment strategy for the capital they raise, and that strategy needs to incorporate the unique needs of startup companies.

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Mike Lederman


Mike Lederman Senior Managing Director
at Bridge Bank

Mike Lederman of Bridge Bank discusses the bank's phenomenal growth and the bank's ability to service companies from startup through public offerings.

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Benjamin Wu


Benjamin Wu CEO, Brex Asset Management
at Brex

Benjamin Wu on Brex Venture Debt, a new startup lending service from the same company that offers the Brex credit card.

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Tyler Griffin


Tyler Griffin Managing Partner
at Financial Venture Studio

Tyler Griffin, Managing Partner at Financial Venture Studio stops by to talk more about how his venture capital and private equity firm invests in great teams who are seeking to improve how Americans conduct their financial lives.

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Shensi Ding


Shensi Ding Co-founder
at Merge API

Shensi Ding, Merge API's co-founder, explains how her team’s needs led to a startup with product-driven growth.

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Ted Bojorquez


Ted Bojorquez & Steve Tessler Executive Vice President, Silicon Valley
at California Bank of Commerce

Ted Bojorquez and Steve Tessler of California Bank of Commerce on how they help businesses succeed in a constantly evolving and dynamic business world.

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Roger Philipp


Roger Philipp Founder and Chief Creative Officer
at UWorld Roger CPA Review

Roger Philipp of UWorld stops by to talk about how taking the UWorld Roger CPA Review courses can help future-proof your accounting career.

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Lauren Creel


Lauren Creel Partner, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital
at Cooley

Lauren Creel, partner at Cooley, an American international law firm, talks about how she represents startups and venture capital funds with an emphasis on early-stage companies and financing.

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Antonio Soler


Antonio Soler Managing Director & Head of US Corporates
at Vistra

Antonio Soler, Managing Director of Vistra, stops by to chat about how with a laser focus on minimizing risk and enhancing efficiencies, Vistra provides expert advisory and administrative support to Fund, Corporate, Capital Market, and Private Wealth clients.

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Chiara Portner


Chiara Portner Shareholder
at Hopkins & Carley

Chiara Portner, Shareholder, and Counsel at Hopkins Carley, a Silicon Valley law firm, stops by to chat about how she offers practical advice on technology and commercial transactions as well as privacy matters.

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Nate Williams


Nate Williams Founder & Managing Partner
at Union Labs

Nate Willaims, Founder of Union Labs, joins Scott Orn on the Founders & Friends podcast to chat about how his company is solving real problems.

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Suneel Gupta


Suneel Gupta Author

Suneel Gupta, Entrepreneur, activist, and author of BACKABLE stops by Founders & Friends to chat about his book and how the opposite of success isn’t failure. It’s boredom.

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Job van der Voort


Job van der Voort CEO
at Remote

Job van der Voort, Co-founder and CEO of Remote stops by to talk about the future of work.

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Dan Westgarth


Dan Westgarth COO
at Deel

Dan Westgarth, COO of Deel stops by Founders & Friends to tell us more about how Deel helps businesses hire anyone, anywhere.

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Charly Kevers


Charly Kevers CFO
at Carta

Charly Kevers, CFO of Carta, joins Scott Orn on the Founders & Friends podcast to tell us more about how Carta creates more business owners.

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Bryce Emo


Bryce Emo EVP, Sales
at Quid

Bryce Emo, EVP of Sales at Quid, explains how Quid helps employees of privately-held companies get the liquidity they need to pay for life today.

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Brian Parks


Brian Parks Co-Founder and Managing Partner
at Bigfoot Capital

Brian Parks, co-founder and managing partner of Bigfoot Capital, stops by to talk about how Bigfoot helps provide Growth-oriented loans for B2B SaaS companies

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Thejo Kote


Thejo Kote Founder
at Airbase

Thejo Kote, Founder of Airbase, a cloud-based business spend management software company, chats on the importance of, and the strategy behind controlling spend, and so much more.

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John Houston


John Houston Founder
at Houston Advisors

John Houston, the founder of Houston Advisors, chats with Kruze COO, Scott Orn, about how his management consulting firm provides revenue operations expertise for Private Equity and Venture Capital investors and their portfolio companies.

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Sandra Miller joins us to talk about Runway, a technology innovation hub bringing together entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, mentors, Fortune 500 Corporations, and industry experts.

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Krista Mitzel


Krista Mitzel Founder and Managing Partner
at Mitzel Group

On this podcast, we welcome Krista Mitzel of the Mitzel Group. The Mitzel Group is an integrative law firm that connects businesses all over the world with their strategic legal vision, ultimately guiding their clients to achieve their goals.

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Casey Woo


Casey Woo Co-Founder, Managing Member
at Operators Guild

Casey Woo stops by to share more on Operators Guild and how they created an organization that brings together like-minded professionals.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher VP of Finance
at Logikcull

Evan Meagher Evan Meagher, VP of Finance at Logikcull, a powerful DIY Legal platform, talks about having a remote workforce, 2021 business predictions, bitcoin, and more.

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Ben Parr


Ben Parr Co-founder and President
at Octane AI

Ben Parr stops by to tell us more about how Octane AI, a real-time marketing platform, helps merchants to connect, convert, and retain customers.

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Taylor Matthews


Taylor Matthews Founder
at Farther

Taylor Matthews of Farther, talks about how his modern judgement-free wealth management company.

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Joshua Gilbert


Joshua Gilbert Region Manager
at American Express

Joshua Gilbert, Regional Manager of American Express stops by to talk to us about how American Express' business cards help startups run, grow and expand their business.

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John Garrett


John Garrett Author and Host
at What's Your And?

John Garrett, consultant, comedian and creator of What's Your And?, a book and podcast, talks with us today about how sharing personal interests makes work and life better.

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Gina Gutierrez


Gina Gutierrez Co-Founder and CEO
at Dipsea

Gina Gutierrez Forbes 30 under 30, brand builder, storyteller, chaser of big feelings, and founder of Dipsea Stories.

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John Schroeder


John Schroeder Founder and Principal
at Nova Foresight

John Schroeder of Nova Foresight stops by to talk about his company's mission of helping leaders accelerate growth by uncovering hidden opportunities in today's chaotic marketplace.

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Q Motiwala


Q Motiwala Managing Director
at DNX Ventures

Q Motiwala of DNX Ventures talks about partnering with entrepreneurs on their crazy startup journey.

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Weston Rice


Weston Rice Director
at Silicon Valley Bank

Weston Rice of Silicon Valley Bank joins us to talk about how Silicon Valley Bank helps innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward fast.

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Everett Cook


Everett Cook Co-founder and CEO
at Rho

Everett Cook of Rho talks about co-founding Rho, the all-in-one digital bank for startups.

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Mang-Git Ng


Mang-Git Ng Founder and CEO
at Anvil

Mang-Git Ng of Anvil stops by to talk about his company's mission of helping companies and governments transition from paper-based forms to PDF-based processes and online workflows.

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Haje Kamps


Haje Kamps CEO
at Konf

Haje Kamps talks about founding Konf, the virtual conference platform for planning and running events with a focus on networking and social connection.

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Andrew Farah


Andrew Farah CEO
at Density

Andrew Farah talks about co-founding Density, a software and sensor platform that helps keep people safe.

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Mark Loranger


Mark Loranger Co-founder
at Braavo

Mark Loranger talks about founding Braavo, a leader in on-demand funding for mobile apps and games.

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Michael Martin


Michael Martin Co-founder
at Avenue 8

Michael Martin, co-founder of Avenue 8, talks about the startup's residential brokerage platform that empowers agents to be more entrepreneurial.

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Patrick Lee


Patrick Lee Founder and Managing Partner
at Top Corner Capital

Patrick Lee stops by to tell the founding story of Top Corner Capital, a venture debt fund for early-stage startups.

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Tarin Calmeyer


Tarin Calmeyer Chief Wellness Officer
at Remote Team Wellness

Tarin Calmeyer shares how she founded Remote Team Wellness which has become the world's first live virtual corporate wellness solution designed to bring health and balance to companies and their employees through group sessions.

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Mark MacLeod


Mark MacLeod Coach, Advisor, Investor
at Mark MacLeod: Coach, Advisor & Investor

Mark MacLeod talks about his new Executive Coaching practice.

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Zoe Hewitt


Zoe Hewitt Operating Partner, Talent
at EQT Ventures

Zoe shares her own Operations journey, EQT's emphasis on building tools that produce insights into entrepreneurs, and EQT's future.

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Ian White


Ian White Founder and CEO/CTO
at ChartHop

Ian White is the Founder & CEO of ChartHop, an Org Chart Tool & more that brings transparency to your organization.

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Alex Baluta


Alex Baluta CEO
at Flow Capital

Alex Baluta joins Scott Orn to explain how Flow Capital provides founder-friendly growth capital for companies across North America and the UK.

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Travis Hedge


Travis Hedge Co-Founder
at Vouch Insurance

Travis Hedge of Vouch on Business Insurance For Startups.

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Matt Van Itallie


Matt Van Itallie CEO
at Sema Software

Matt Van Itallie on Sema Software's platform that powers technical due diligence for executives and provides tools to find and fix technical debt.

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Jordan Smyth


Jordan Smyth Founder and CEO
at Gleamin

Jordan Smyth stops by to discuss Gleamin, a beauty company that helps women look their best while empowering them.

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Tamara Steffens


Tamara Steffens General Manager/Managing Director
at M12 - Microsoft's Venture Fund

Tamara Steffens retraces her career as an entrepreneur at Software.com, Boingo, and others.

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Matt Martin


Matt Martin Co-Founder
at Clockwise

Matt Martin shares how Clockwise optimizes your calendar for thinking time via smart meeting re-scheduling.

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Rock Felder


Rock Felder Co-founder & CFO
at SquadCast

Rock Felder explains the SquadCast origin story and how Covid has made the service more indispensable than ever for podcast creators.

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Dave Zohrob


Dave Zohrob Co-founder and CEO
at Chartable

Dave Zohrob on Chartable's podcast analytics and attribution for publishers & advertisers.

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Eric Gonzales


Eric Gonzales Managing Director
at Montage Capital

Eric Gonzales of Montage Capital on offering minimally dilutive loans for capital-efficient companies.

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Parker Conrad


Parker Conrad Co-founder and CEO
at Rippling

Parker Conrad joins the Founders and Friends podcast to talk about Rippling's all in one payroll, benefits, and employee management system.

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Natalie Arora


Natalie Arora Head of Operations
at Susa Ventures

Natalie Arora, Head of Operations at Susa Ventures, shares how she operationalizes an incredible founder experience and announces the Venture Fellows Program.

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Eli Ceryak


Eli Ceryak Senior Vice President and Commercial Real Estate Broker
at Cushman & Wakefield

Eli Ceryak from Cushman Wakefield on How Startups should manage commercial real estate during Covid.

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Nick Ducoff


Nick Ducoff Co-founder and CEO
at Edmit

Nick Ducoff of Edmit - helping families make smarter financial decisions about college, with advice about college savings, the true cost of college, and return on investment.

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Nelson Chu


Nelson Chu Founder and CEO
at Cadence

Nelson Chu of Cadence - makes investing in Alternative Assets easy and affordable - Cadence works with many alternative asset providers - especially alternative lenders to open up alternatives asset classes.

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Brian Balfour


Brian Balfour Founder and CEO
at Reforge

Brian Balfour of Reforge - the growth career development company - talks about product led growth.

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Mike Whitmire


Mike Whitmire Co-founder and CEO
at Floqast

Mike Whitmire traces his journey from accountant at a high growth startup to the founder of Floqast, which has raised over $90 million in VC funding, has 150 employees, and hundreds of paying clients.

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Lylan Masterman


Lylan Masterman Venture Capitalist

Lylan Masterman traces his journey from startups, through the Kauffmann program into venture capital.

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David Bergeron


David Bergeron President
at T3 Advisors

David Bergeron of T3 Advisors, a leading commercial real estate advisor to venture-funded companies, discusses how COVID will change the future of the startup office.

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Collin Cavote


Collin Cavote Founder and CEO
at Biome

The founder of Biome, Collin Cavote, joins Kruze Consulting’s podcast to discuss how bioengineering and careful indoor plants can positively improve air quality, worker safety, and productivity.

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Glen Evans


Glen Evans VP, Core Talent
at Greylock Partners

Glen Evans, VP of Core Talent at VC firm Greylock Partners digs into why venture capital firms have in-house recruiting partners.

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Lea Dessi-Olive


Lea Dessi-Olive Founder
at Elevation Advisory

Lea Dessi-Olive, experienced outsourced CFO to over 20 funded startups, discusses how she is helping her clients manage through the COVID crisis.

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Seth Freedman


Seth Freedman General Manager
at Intelligent Observation

Seth Freedman, General Manager at Intelligent Observation, talks about technology that can drive behavior modification to greatly reduce hospital infections.

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Chris Savage


Chris Savage Founder and CEO
at Wistia

Chris Savage of Wistia discusses the impact of video content as a powerful marketing tool and as a training platform for COVID health workers and everyone else learning or working from their homes.

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Travis Deyle


Travis Deyle Co-Founder & CEO
at Cobalt Robotics

Safety, security, and facilities management robots in the time of COVID, with Travis Deyle, CEO of Cobalt Robotics.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher & Jay Goldberg VP of Finance
at Logikcull

Special episode with two experienced CFOs, Evan Meagher from Logikcull and Jay Goldberg, talking about SBA Cares Act, PPP loans, and how startups can update their financial modeling to adapt it for the COVID-19 crisis.

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Matthew Belloni


Matthew Belloni Editorial Director
at The Hollywood Reporter

Matt Belloni of Hollywood Reporter walks us through the impact the Covid-19 shutdown is having on Disney, the Streaming Wars, and online entertainment news business models.

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Jeff Lee


Jeff Lee Chief Operating Officer
at Origin

Jeff Lee talks about how Origin pivoted its 3D Manufacturing business to help produce swabs for Covid-19 testing.

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Michael Wang


Michael Wang & Rohit Prakash Founder and CEO
at Inspiren

Michael Wang, founder and CEO of Inspiren, and Rohit Prakash, founder and CEO of Coast App, talk about how their companies are making a difference helping healthcare and frontline workers during the COVID crisis.

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Anne Dwane


Anne Dwane Co-Founder and Partner
at Village Global VC

In a pre-COVID interview, Anne Dwane of Village Global, a $100 million venture capital fund, explains her fund’s “founder-driven” investment thesis.

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Prashant Fonseka


Prashant Fonseka Partner
at Tuesday Capital

Prashant Fonseka, a venture capitalist with Tuesday Capital (formerly the CrunchFund), lists the advice he gives to portfolio companies during the COVID crisis.

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Jon Prentice


Jon Prentice Director of the Investment Team
at Lighter Capital

Lighter Capital provides revenue-based loans to startups. Jon Prentice discusses how this funding strategy works, and how his firm is helping fund startups during the COVID crisis.

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David Blumberg


David Blumberg Founder & Managing Partner
at Blumberg Capital

David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital on Fintech & Supply Chain Software's Role in Helping During Covid-19.

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Kelsey Chase


Kelsey Chase Founder & President
at Aumni

Kelsey Chase of Aumni Discusses the CARES Act PPP Loans and how SBA Affiliate Rules Affect Startups.

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Kathryn Hickey


Kathryn Hickey Partner
at PilieroMazza PLLC

Kathryn Hickey of PilieroMazza PLLC discusses eligibility for startups under the CARE Act stimulus loans.

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Brock Blake


Brock Blake Founder and CEO
at Lendio

Brock Blake of Lendio, a small business and SBA loan expert, talks about the recent COVID / coronavirus stimulus act for startups and small businesses.

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Jacob Yormak


Jacob Yormak Partner
at Story Ventures

Jacob Yormak, one of the co-founders of and Partner at Story Ventures, discusses his journey into venture capital.

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Scott Orn


Scott Orn & Healy Jones Chief Operating Officer, CFA
at Kruze Consulting

Congress is about to pass legislation that may make it possible for VC and seed backed companies to access “disaster” type SBA loans.

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Michael Frankel


Michael Frankel SVP and Managing Director
at Deloitte

M&A expert Michael Frankel of Deloitte discusses the steps startups can take to increase their enterprise value during a sale.

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Georgene Huang


Georgene Huang CEO and Co-Founder
at Fairygodboss

Fairygodboss founder Georgene Huang found herself pregnant and out of a job.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher VP of Finance
at Logikcull

Evan Meagher, who is not only the VP of Finance of Logikcull but who also wrote, performed and recorded the theme song to this podcast, talks about the challenges needed to upgrade a late-stage SaaS business to enterprise quality accounting systems.

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Jennifer Vancini


Jennifer Vancini General Partner
at Mighty Capital

Jennifer Vancini, VC, explains how her early-growth VC firm, Mighty Capital, uses a network of product professionals to evaluate investments.

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Michael Tannenbaum


Michael Tannenbaum Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer
at Brex

Brex's Michael Tannenbaum joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to share how they are building an interconnected FinTech company.

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Rich Keen


Rich Keen Chief Operating Officer
at Mind Candy

Rich Keen, COO of Mind Candy, discusses building a world class-brand that combines apps, media, and celebrities.

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Amy Lazarus


Amy Lazarus Founder & CEO
at InclusionVentures

Amy Lazarus, founder of InclusionVentures, shares strategies to increase diversity - and innovation - by building a more inclusive startup culture.

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Kelly Nyland


Kelly Nyland Founder & CEO
at Whym

Kelly Nyland, a multi-time startup founder, discusses how eCommerce has evolved, and where she thinks it is going in the age of text messaging.

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Don Butler


Don Butler Managing Director
at Thomvest Ventures

Don Butler has been a Fintech VC for 20 years - he shares his experiences in investing in the original wave of Peer to Peer lenders, and his predictions on why startups have a strong chance to disrupt traditional banks.

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Ron Bland and Dillon Castro of AEIS Advisors strategize on the best ways for startups to provide healthcare benefits to their employees.

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Scott Orn


Scott Orn & Healy Jones Chief Operating Officer, CFA
at Kruze Consulting

Scott Orn and Healy Jones of Kruze Consulting break down the massive amount of innovation happening in the startup banking space.

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John Popeo


John Popeo Principal
at The Gallatin Group

John Popeo of the Gallatin Group talks with Scott Orn of Kruze Consulting about how financial regulations are impacting the growth of the Fintech startup market.

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Scott Orn


Scott Orn & Healy Jones Chief Operating Officer, CFA
at Kruze Consulting

The year-end is a great time to prepare your startup’s budget for the next year.

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Nicole Sahin


Nicole Sahin CEO and Founder
at Globalization Partners

Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder of Globalization Partners, has helped thousands of high-growth companies set up their first international hires.

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Kati Radziwon


Kati Radziwon Founder and CEO
at iFlipd

Kati Radziwon, founder and CEO of iFlipd, talks to Scott Orn about the journey of growing her startup from a textbook rental company to a video game rental business to a FinTech play helping college students pay for college.

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Scott Orn


Scott Orn Chief Operating Officer, CFA
at Kruze Consulting

Kruze Consulting COO, Scott Orn, discusses why Gusto and Zenefits are no longer letting their APIs talk to each other, and what this means for startups who use Gusto for payroll and Zenefits for benefits.

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Scott Orn


Scott Orn & Healy Jones Chief Operating Officer, CFA
at Kruze Consulting

Scott and Healy, our VP of FP&A, get together to discuss Brex, Stripe, Amex, Expensify and the main startup focused banks.

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Kelsey Chase


Kelsey Chase Founder and COO
at Aumni

Kelsey Chase of Aumni is a startup founder, offering technology that helps VCs and founders turn complex deal document data into valuable information.

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David Spreng


David Spreng Founder, CEO & CIO
at Runway Growth Capital

David Spreng of Runway Capital talks with Kruze Consulting about how his experience led him to found a venture debt firm.

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Immad Akhund


Immad Akhund Founder and CEO
at Mercury

Serial entrepreneur Immad Akhund of Mercury discusses why startups need a financial services company built specifically for their needs.

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Curtis Coleman


Curtis Coleman Founder and CEO
at RVillage

Curtis Coleman, founder and CEO of RVillage talks about growing a niche social network.

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Aman Mann


Aman Mann Founder and CEO
at Procurify

Aman Mann, Procurify Founder and CEO, dives into how strategically managing a team's spend can drive purpose, mastery, and autonomy inside organizations.

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Chelsea Shukov


Chelsea Shukov Founder and Creative Director
at Sugar Paper

Chelsea Shukov, the founder of Sugar Paper, talks about focusing on quality and distribution to build a successful, offline consumer business.

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Dave Schappell


Dave Schappell Investor, Board Advisor and Director Of Marketing Operations
at MyPerfectColor.com

Dave Schappell of My Perfect Color talks about raising seed and VC funding as a repeat entrepreneur.

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Brad Gakenheimer


Brad Gakenheimer Co-Founder
at Roast Umber

Brad Gakenheimer of Roast Umber Coffee Company explains what it takes to start a coffee company.

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Jamie Ceglarz


Jamie Ceglarz Founder
at Guild Talent

Jamie Ceglarz, Guild Talent founder, has helped many startups make their first finance and operations leadership hire.

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Andre Gharakhanian


Andre Gharakhanian Founder and Partner
at Silicon Legal Strategy

Andre Gharakhanian of Silicon Legal Strategy talks startup legal strategy and about growing a law firm totally focused on serving fast-growth startups.

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Robbie Mitchell


Robbie Mitchell Head of Operations
at Frame.ai

Robbie Mitchell, Heads of Operations of Frame.ai, discusses his founder journey - and much more.

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Stephanie Mann


Stephanie Mann & Anne Foreman Founding Partner
at At Your Core

Stephanie Mann and Anne Foreman of At Your Core discuss how to set the foundation for a strong culture in a startup.

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Andrew Miller


Andrew Miller Executive Vice President, Business Operations
at Toronto Blue Jays

Andrew Miller of the Toronto Blue Jays discusses aligning an organization to focus on a single goal, winning.

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Lars Kamp


Lars Kamp Co-founder & Chief Data Engineer
at intermix.io

Lars Kamps, Intermix founder, talks about how to raise a seed round for your startup.

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Mark MacLeod, an investment banker to fast-growing SMB software startups, dives into how SaaS companies prepare for an exit.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher VP of Finance
at Logikcull

Evan Meagher of Logikcull discusses how to scale finance and sales scale together in fast growth SaaS startups.

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Scott Orn


Scott Orn & Healy Jones Startup CFO

at Kruze Consulting

Venture debt expert Scott Orn, of Kruze Consulting, explains what venture debt is and how startups use debt to boost growth while optimizing their cap table.

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Parker Conrad


Parker Conrad CEO & Co-Founder
at Rippling

Parker Conrad founded Rippling to simplify a startup's entire back-office by uniting Payroll, Benefits, HR & IT.

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Charles Hudson


Charles Hudson Managing Partner
at Precursor Ventures

Charles Hudson of Precursor Ventures goes over the challenges of raising a seed fund in today's environment.

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Mary Lemmer


Mary Lemmer Founder & Improviser
at Improv 4

Mary Lemmer of Improv4 shares how Improv improves startup culture and trains leaders.

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Audrey Grubman & Christina Kramlich of Parkside Advisors discuss Financial Planning Strategies for Startup Founders & Employees.

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Joel Gragg


Joel Gragg Managing Director

Joel Gragg of ORIX discusses how growth stage startups use debt as part of their capital structure.

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Eric Frazer


Eric Frazer & Richie Seaberry Sr. Business Development Executive
at Decisely

Eric Frazer & Richard Seaberry of Decisely discuss Startup Benefits & Human Resources.

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David Bergeron


David Bergeron President
at T3 Advisors

David Bergeron, a second-time guest (!!!) discusses T3's analytical approach to the 2019 Startup Real Estate Market.

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Paul Lappas


Paul Lappas CEO & Co-Founder
at Intermix.io

Paul Lappas of Intermix comes by to explain how his company gives developers and data scientists a single dashboard to monitor mission-critical data.

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Michael Tannenbaum


Michael Tannenbaum Chief Financial Officer
at Brex

Michael Tannenbaum of Brex comes by to discuss startup corporate credit cards.

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Brian Mullen


Brian Mullen VP Business Development & Partnerships
at InfluxData

Brian Mullen of InfluxData comes by to discuss the Company's Open Source Time Series Database for Metrics & Events.

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Michael Chapp


Michael Chapp Board of Directors
at Utomic

Michael Chapp of Utomic talks about the entrepreneurial journey and his Company's iPhone protection hardware.

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Haje Kamps


Haje Kamps Director of Portfolio
at Bolt Venture Capital

Haje Kamps is a Hardware VC at Bolt VC but in this podcast, Haje gets back to his journalist roots by interviewing me (Scott Orn)!

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Russ Heddleston


Russ Heddleston CEO
at DocSend

Russ Heddleston of DocSend on the Company's Content Management & Tracking System that helps sales and marketing teams be more efficient.

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Ben Raffi


Ben Raffi CEO and Co-founder
at Growlabs

Ben Raffi of Growlabs discusses the company's B2B Lead Generation & Sales Automation solution.

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Haim Zaltzman & Ben Potter of Latham & Watkins discuss startup funding strategies including the benefits and differences between Growth Equity & Growth Debt.

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Sumeet Howe


Sumeet Howe Product Management Director
at Hover

Sumeet Howe of Hover stops by to talk Startup Product Management and share her career path.

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Jennifer Saxton


Jennifer Saxton Founder & CEO
at Tot Squad

Jennifer Saxton of Tot Squad talks about her on-demand cleaning for baby gear. Jen started the company out of Kellogg where she foresaw a huge cohort of millennial moms needing on-demand cleaning services.

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Ryan Shaening Pokrasso


Ryan Shaening Pokrasso Founder
at SPZ Legal

Ryan Shaening Pokrasso of SPZ Legal stops by to walk us through Startup Legal Best Practices.

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Patrick Johnson


Patrick Johnson VP, Tech Banking
at Silicon Valley Bank

Patrick Johnson, of Silicon Valley Bank, stops by to talk about Startup Banking, Venture Debt, and other ways SVB partners with founders and and investors.

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Blake Oliver


Blake Oliver Senior Product Marketing Manager
at FloQast

Blake Oliver, of FloQast, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss the latest trends in Cloud Accounting and Close Management Software.

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Maren Kate Donovan


Maren Kate Donovan Founder & Managing Partner
at Recruit

Maren Kate Donovan, Founder of Recruit, explains how to scale your startup's recruiting efforts, frequent recruiting mistakes and best practices.

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Matt Gunnin


Matt Gunnin Founder & CEO
at Esports One

Matt Gunnin of Esports One explains the Esports phenomenon and how his company's computer vision powered audience experience makes it that much more enjoyable for viewing. Esports One allows the audience to track the pros and even learn from them. After taping the podcast, Esports One released its new Twitch Extension.

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Kevin Busque


Kevin Busque CEO
at Guideline

Kevin Busque of Guideline 401k drops by to talk Startup 401ks and how he came to realize the 401k system could be improved dramatically.

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Beth Stevens


Beth Stevens Head of Legal
at Opendoor

Beth Stevens of Opendoor joins the Founders and Friends Podcast to talk about her experiences running Legal & Compliance at a fast growing startup.

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Shruti Merchant


Shruti Merchant Co-Founder & CEO
at HubHaus

HubHaus CEO, Shruti Merchant, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to talk about how she is pioneering long-term home sharing.

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Aaron Tyler


Aaron Tyler Managing Director
at TriplePoint Capital

Aaron Tyler, Managing Director at TriplePoint Capital, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss Venture Debt for Startups.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher VP of Finance
at Logikcull

Evan Meagher, VP of Finance at Logikcull and another 2nd-time guest (!), stops by to discuss SaaS Startup life. Evan helps run Logikcull which has become a major player in the Legal Discovery software market. In fact, Logikcull just closed a $25M round and is poised for even faster growth.

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Eli Ceryak


Eli Ceryak Senior Vice President/Commercial Real Estate Broker
at Cushman and Wakefield

Eli Ceryak of Cushman & Wakefield, our first 2 time guest on Founders and Friends, stops by to discuss the 2018 Startup Real Estate Outlook. Eli has done a fantastic job for Kruze Consulting finding two offices in San Francisco already and has also helped locate our new San Jose office. Eli is one of the best Startup Real Estate Brokers in San Francisco and has some great advice and predictions in this podcast.

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Rob Sadow


Rob Sadow Co-Founder & CEO
at Scoop Technologies

Rob Sadow of Scoop talks about how Scoop makes commuting fun and easy. Scoop allows company team members to share rides to and from work through an easy-to-operate app. Scoop has become a widely offered perq in the Bay Area and Seattle.

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Lee Firestone


Lee Firestone CEO
at OpenReel

Lee Firestone, CEO of OpenReel, joins Scott Orn to discuss how OpenReel makes creating videos easy for businesses through remote capture technology.

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Ben Munoz


Ben Munoz Co-Founder & CEO
at Nadine West

Ben Munoz, of Nadine West, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss his entrepreneurial journey to a profitable commerce business.

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Michael Piacente


Michael Piacente Co-Founder and Managing Partner
at Hitch Partners

Michael Piacente discusses Hitch Partners, the leading Executive Search Firm for Security Professionals, and the explosion in demand for Executives in Security.

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Matt Miller


Matt Miller Founder & CEO
at Embroker

CEO of online service Embroker, Matt Miller, joins the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss his companies' efforts to automate insurance for startups.

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Chuck Pettid


Chuck Pettid Partner, Deal Team Manager
at Republic.co

Deal Team Manager, Chuck Pettid, discusses Republic's unique brand of crowdfunding equity investments for startups on the Founders and Friends Podcast

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Josh Lowy


Josh Lowy Co-Founder & CEO
at Hugo

Josh Lowy from Hugo joins Scott Orn to discuss the software which makes documenting meeting insights easy and sharing with your team even easier.

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Will Hawthorne


Will Hawthorne Managing Director
at Code Advisors

Will Hawthorne of Code Advisors discusses M&A for Startups. Will explains how a startup can create leverage with multiple buyers, the importance of reliable financials and accounting and important deal points every Startup CEO should know.

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Leslie Sagalowicz Barber


Leslie Sagalowicz Barber Business & Marketing Lead, QuickBooks Community
at Intuit

Leslie Sagalowicz Barber of Intuit's Quickbooks discusses Quickbook's excellent online software package including the newly launched QB Community.

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Kaushik Ranchod


Kaushik Ranchod Founder
at Ranchod Law Group

Kaushik Ranchod, Founder of the Ranchod Law Group, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to outline the H1B Visa Process for Startups.

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Zack Blum


Zack Blum CEO
at Fleetsmith

Zack Blum joins the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss Fleetsmith's new Cloud Based Mac Management Software and coming up with the idea while at Wikia.

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Raphael Crawford-Marks


Raphael Crawford-Marks Co-founder and CEO
at Bonusly

CEO and Founder Raphael Crawford-Marks joins the Founders & Friends Podcast to talk about Bonusly, a next generation employee recognition service.

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Reilly Brennan


Reilly Brennan Founding Partner
at Trucks Venture Capital

Reilly Brennan, of Trucks Venture Capital, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss early stage transportation startups.

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Devon Tivona


Devon Tivona CEO, Co-Founder
at Pana

Devon Tivona of Pana discusses how Pana combines mobile app technology and virtual travel assistants to make travel easy. Although Pana is for business travel, I used it on a recent vacation and loved it. Recently Pana added features for corporate recruiters to make coordinating candidate travel simple.

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Sarah Schaaf


Sarah Schaaf CEO
at Headnote

Sarah Schaaf of Headnote retraces her journey from Google Lawyer to legal industry startup founder. Headnote makes billing and collections easy for lawyers. It's a huge pain point for lawyers and the company has already handled over $1M in its very short life. We discuss the value of an incubator (NFX) and how it helped Headnote's team pivot to the right idea. Finally, we talk about working with your spouse and how rewarding and challenging that can be.

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Jesse Freese


Jesse Freese Senior Business Consultant
at Sequoia Consulting

Jesse Freese of Sequoia Consulting Group joins the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss the PEO approach for employee benefits at startups.

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Jeron Paul


Jeron Paul CEO
at Capshare

Jeron Paul, CEO of Capshare, joins Scott Orn on the Founder & Friends Pod to talk about Cap Table Management for Startups and the software Capshare provides.

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Laurie Lumenti-Garty


Laurie Lumenti-Garty Senior Vice President
at Square One Bank

Laurie Lumenti-Garty of Square One Bank joins Founders & Friends to explain the services that every startup should receive from its bank.

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Peter Lai


Peter Lai Co-Founder & CEO
at Emburse

Peter Lai joins Founders & Friends to discuss his new company, Emburse. Peter shares advice and explains how he came up with the idea for Emburse.

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Mike Lederman


Mike Lederman Region Director
at Bridge Bank

Mike Lederman runs the West Coast Region for Bridge Bank. He joins Scott Orn to explain venture debt and other services that Bridge Bank provides.

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Ronjini Joshua


Ronjini Joshua Founder
at The Silver Telegram

Ronjini Joshua is the founder of The Silver Telegram, a PR agency for startups and crowdfunding campaigns. She walks us through the best practices for Startup PR, how to get the most out of your PR Agency and a few 'what not to do' stories.

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James Schramko


James Schramko Founder & CEO
at SuperFastBusiness

James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness discusses building productive habits both personally and professionally. James has founded multiple successful businesses on the web and now focuses on SuperFastBusiness, an Executive Coaching service with international clientele. James' SuperFastBusiness podcast is excellent and a must listen.

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Rene Lacerte


Rene Lacerte Founder & CEO
at Bill.com

Founder & CEO of Bill.com, Rene Lacerte, discusses the leading online business payment provider - one of Kruze Consulting''s favorite software tools!

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Tye DeGrange


Tye DeGrange Founder
at Round Barn Labs

Tye DeGrange of Round Barn Labs talks startup growth marketing. Tye takes a data driven approach to marketing. It's all about performance for Round Barn Labs. We talk tactics including the power of Influencer Marketing.

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Peggy Chang


Peggy Chang CEO
at Activity Hero

Peggy Chang, Co-Founder & CEO of Activity Hero, explains how she came up with the idea of building a one-stop shop website to find and book kids camps and classes. Peggy lived the problem and after a growing frustration, she decided to do something about it and ActivityHero was born. Now parents across the US can easily book and find information on camps and activities for children.

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Vincent Turner


Vincent Turner Founder & CEO
at Uno Home Loans

Vincent Turner of Uno Home Loans is a Fintech pioneer. Learn how Uno Home Loans is dramatically simplifying the Australian mortgage process.

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Mark MacLeod


Mark MacLeod Founder
at SurePath Capital

Mark Macleod, Founder of SurePath, talks about the metrics a startup needs to raise money, how much money to raise and the difference in fundraising approaches.

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Augie Rakow


Augie Rakow Partner
at Orrick

Augie Rakow of Orrick is one of the best startup lawyers in the Valley. He stopped by to share tips how he got into law in the first place, why he loves venture backed startups and his best advice for Founders building their startup dream.

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Steve Gillan


Steve Gillan Chief Financial Officer
at Azure Capital Partners

Steve Gillan of Azure Capital Partners discusses his firm's strategy of investing in Post Seed Stage Startups on the Friends & Founders podcast.

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Healy Jones


Healy Jones Head of Marketing
at ForUsAll

Healy Jones of ForUsAll discusses Startup 401k's, including why startups should offer them and how to make them cost effective for employers and employees. ForUsAll is the leading 401k provider for startups and Kruze Consulting is a huge fan.

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Josh Reeves


Josh Reeves CEO
at Gusto

Premier payroll system Gusto's CEO, Josh Reeves, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to share his vision and people first values.

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Haje Jan Kamps


Haje Jan Kamps Contributor
at TechCrunch

TechCrunch's Haje Jan Kamps joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to discuss how to get your startup covered and how he became an entrepreneur.

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Matt Ziser


Matt Ziser VP of Operations
at Tobi

Matt Ziser, VP of Operations at Tobi, joins the Founders and Friends Podcast to talk about running Operations at a fast growing eCommerce startup.

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Jacob Colker


Jacob Colker Chief Marketing Officer
at Lighter Capital

Jacob Colker of Lighter Capital joins Scott Orn to discuss startup funding and how to minimize dilution through Lighter Capital's startup loans.

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Ed Aten


Ed Aten Founder & CEO
at Merchbar

Ed Aten of Merchar shares his experiences building the leading ecommerce site for all things music merchandise. Merchbar has been featured in the iTunes Appstore 20+ times because it greatly simplifies buying your favorite bands t-shirts, albums and other gear.

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Aaron Moskowitz


Aaron Moskowitz Enterprise SEO Executive
at SEO Expert

Aaron Moskowitz, an Enterprise SEO Executive, stops by to share his best Startup SEO Tips. Aaron has tons of experience in online marketing and SEO. He also shares what not to do so your startup won't end up in the penalty box. :)

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Sonja Hoel Perkins shares her passion for two women centric organization she has founded, Project Glimmer and Broadway Angels. Project Glimmer inspires girls to believe in themselves. Through the gift of beautiful jewelry, Project Glimmer lets young woman know their community cares. Glimmer has given over 120,000 gifts of jewelry since founding and will deliver another 50,000 gifts this holiday season. You can still donate to Glimmer or host a Glimmer Drive in time for the 2016 holiday season. Broadway Angels is an investment network consisting of successful women VC's & CEO's. The goal of the organization is to fund the best women entrepreneurs while also helping women break into the venture capital business.

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Steve Walker


Steve Walker Founder
at Cobaltix

Steve Walker, Founder of Cobaltix, coaches us through how startups can outsource their IT systems. Cobaltix works with hundreds of startups and knows all the best practices. Steve is also an accomplished long distance swimmer and his new book, Where Do the Crazy People Swim is available on Amazon.

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Glen Evans


Glen Evans Recruiting
at Slack

Glen Evans runs Recruiting at Slack, he joins the Founders and Friend Podcast to retrace his career and share advice on recruiting for fast growing startups.

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Evan Meagher


Evan Meagher Chief Compliance Officer and VP of Operations
at SigFig

Evan Meagher of SigFig came by to share the lessons he has learned helping SigFig scale. Evan is Chief Compliance Officer and VP of Operations so he's seen it all. SigFig has revolutionized smart personal investing by offering algorithmic index investing. Sometimes SigFig is called a 'Robo Advisor' because the machines and algorithms do all the work, leaving higher returns and lower fees for consumers.

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Eli Ceryak


Eli Ceryak Commercial Real Estate Broker
at Cushman & Wakefield

Eli Ceryak Cushman & Wakefield stops by Kruze Consulting to talk about the Startup Real Estate Market. Eli specializes in the San Francisco Bay Area but we covered some of the other big startup hubs as well. We also talked about the trade-off's between sub-leasing and being the master tenant with a longer term lease. Eli is super knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with. He's Kruze Consulting's Real Estate Professional so we know he is terrific!

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Steve Bennet


Steve Bennet Angel Investor & Entrepreneurship Professor
at Bodega Partners

Angel Investor, Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies and Startup CFO consultant, Steve Bennet, discusses what Angel Investors look for in an investment.

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Jeff Samuels


Jeff Samuels VP of Sales
at Founder Shield

Jeff Samuels of Founder Shield joins us to talk Insurance for Startups. We discuss General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Workers Comp, and Benefits. It's an episode designed to answer every possible question a startup could have about Insurance.

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Jeff Smith


Jeff Smith Product Designer
at Facebook

Jeff Smith of Facebook joins us to discuss Facebook.Design, the company's initiative that gives back to the design community with free GUI tools and much more to come. Jeff's career has come full circle as he broke into the design industry by leveraging similar open source GUI tools - Teehan & Lax's GUI's. Facebook.Design is an excellent example of a successful team and company giving back to the rest of the world.

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Brian Sterz


Brian Sterz Principal
at Miracle Miles Advisors

Brian Sterz of Miracle Mile Advisors talks personal money management for startup founders and team members. Brian talks shares methods for achieving diversification and smart tax planning, two of the most impactful ways startup folks can manage their money intelligently.

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John Pettus


John Pettus CEO
at Fiskkit

John Pettus is the Founder & CEO of Fiskkit, which is developing a better way to discuss the news. Fiskkit is a social enterprise that has created a commentary and fact checking system for the Internet. John came by to discuss the election and how Fiskkit will help people on the Internet have more productive and respectful discussions in the future.

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Amber Merrigan


Amber Merrigan Real Estate Professional
at Avison Young

Amber Merrigan of Avison Young talks Startup Real Estate in Oakland. Amber has covered Oakland for years and it's startup ecosystem is exploding. Find out how to get the best deals, where the hottest locations are and some key terms you need in your lease.

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Lynn Perkins


Lynn Perkins CEO
at UrbanSitter

Co-Founder and CEO of UrbanSitter, Lynn Perkins, joins Scott Orn to talk about how mobile service UrbanSitter makes finding a babysitter easy.

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Matt Rissell


Matt Rissell CEO
at TSheets

Matt Rissell is the Co-Founder & CEO of TSheets. He shares a great story from his last company that led to the founding of TSheets Time Tracking Software. Matt talks about the early days of prototyping TSheets and wondering whether it could become a real business. Matt bootstrapped for a long time and he shares some great tips on building a startup to last.

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Robert Kohler


Robert Kohler Founder
at Kohler Law Group

Robert Kohler started Kohler Law Group to provide outsourced in-house counsel for startups. Robert is an entrepreneur himself, having started his own firm and a series of restaurants in San Francisco. He understands the importance of good legal work while keeping the bills manageable for his clients. Robert was also kind enough to share his favorite startup legal tips with us.

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Jamie Ceglarz


Jamie Ceglarz Director of Growth
at The Sourcery

Jamie Ceglarz of The Sourcery came by to talk about recruiting for growth stage startups. The Sourcery is an outsourced recruiting solution for early stage startups. As the startup scales, so does the relationship with the Sourcery. Jamie shares his best tips on hiring and on how a startup should build its teams.

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Matt Belloni


Matt Belloni Executive Editor
at Hollywood Reporter

Matthew Belloni is the Executive Editor of The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. In this episode, Matt talks about the evolution of his own career from entertainment lawyer to journalist and editor. The Hollywood Reporter dominates Entertainment Industry coverage online and offline. However, 5 years ago the Company was an industry trade magazine with competitors. Belloni explains how the print version evolved into a weekly and how the web version has become a traffic monster.

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Patrick Sullivan


Patrick Sullivan Co-Founder and COO
at 2600hz

Patrick Sullivan is the Co-Founder & COO of 2600hz. Patrick shares his thoughts on bootstrapping to startup success. 2600hz is a cloud telecom company gives developers and businesses access to cloud telecom services. At Kruze Consulting, we use 2600hz and we love it.

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Monica Ohara


Monica Ohara Co-Founder
at Datascore

Monica Ohara & Hannah Russin of Datascore came on the podcast to talk Growth Marketing for Startups. Monica & Hannah are all about the data. In this day and age, so much marketing and advertising is done over the Internet, that you should be taking a data-centric approach to your marketing. Datascore tells you how to do it.

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Kathy Woeber Gardner is a Partner at Montgomery Pacific LLP and has spent her career as a lawyer working with startups. Kathy began at Orrick and then moved to Montgomery Pacific. She talks about the transition from big to boutique law firm and building her client base including a special connection with Australian & Asia Pacific Startups. We end with an incredible series of tips for running a startup M&A process.

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Mike Barash


Mike Barash Co-Founder
at Codeword

Mike is the founding partner at Codeword (formerly Knock Twice), a hybrid PR, content, advertising, branding and design agency that puts start-ups on the map and builds campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. Mike is one of the best in the business and we're lucky to have him as a guest. He walks us through the Startup PR Playbook and also gives some great career advice.

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Ashish Desai


Ashish Desai Chief Product Officer
at 99designs

In this episode, Ashish talks about how a failed Internet venture (with me :)) helped him recognize the opportunity at 99designs. He talks about managing a development team on two different continents and how 99designs' Australian culture helps the team focus on the future and improvement.

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David Bergeron


David Bergeron Real Estate Advisor
at T3 Advisors

David Bergeron, of T3 Advisors, joins Scott Orn on the Founders and Friends Podcast to walk us through the San Francisco Startup Real Estate Market

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Jen O'Neal and Jeff Manheimer


Jen O'Neal and Jeff Manheimer Co-Founders & CEO's
at Tripping.com

Jen O'Neal and Jeff Manheimer founded Tripping.com to make finding a vacation home anywhere in the world easy. Tripping is like Kayak for the vacation home market. Consumers can go to Tripping and find available vacation homes across many other services, which guarantees the best selection and pricing. The first portion of the the interview occurs as Tripping hit product market fit. The second half comes six months later and you'll hear about the explosive growth.

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Bill Growney


Bill Growney Partner
at Goodwin Procter

Bill Growney, a Partner at Goodwin Procter, joins Scott Orn to talk about common mistakes early stage startups make while setting up their company

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David Barrett


David Barrett CEO
at Expensify

Hear from David Barrett, Founder & CEO of Expensify, speaking on the podcast about Expensify - the world's best expense management software.

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Brian Mullen


Brian Mullen VP Global Connectivity & Mobility
at Twilio

Brian Mullen of Twilio was the company's first business hire. He's a Business Development guru. In this episode he talks about what attracted him to Twilio, how the company's focus on developers paid off and he even manages to sneak in a few comments about Oakland and his Cal Bears.

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Rod Drury


Rod Drury CEO
at Xero

Founder & CEO of Xero, Rod Drury, on the a multi-billion publicly traded accounting software company going head to head with Intuit's Quickbooks.

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