Affordable Startup Bookkeeping and accounting

Kruze only works with funded startups - we know what it takes to raise that next round, and we'll help you get there.

Monthly Company Expenses

Monthly costs vary based on your needs and company expenses.

$5,000 monthly startup expenses

Basic Bookkeeping

Founder Timesaver


Price Starting at $275 per month Starting at $375 per month
QuickBooks Bookkeeping Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager Bookkeeper Accountant Fractional CFO or Controller
HR Services No Available Available
State and Local Tax Compliance No Yes Yes
Corporate Income Tax Returns Optional Optional Optional
Locations 1 State 2 States Multiple States, International
Revenue Recognition Basic Accrual Import Basic Accrual Import Advanced Revenue Recognition

Why do startup founders like us so much?

It's not just the low price of our service – it's the focus on helping funded companies manage their burn and experience navigating VC and M&A due diligence.

What Should Monthly Bookkeeping Cost?

Early-stage companies have surprisingly intense bookkeeping needs, since most are quickly scaling expenses, vendors and often revenue. So it’s not surprising that bookkeeping costs can seem higher than expected. But what should it cost to get the books done?

It depends on who does them!

A founder can do their own books internally; and we generally recommend this until the company has raised at least $250,000 in funding. Cash is too tight to spend on outside services. But as soon as the company has enough funding, the founder should have better things to do than QuickBooks.

The three costs of early-stage bookkeeping

Who you choose to work with can dramatically impact the cost of bookkeeping services - in terms of the actual amount spent, as well as the time spent by the founder PLUS the risk to the business’ next fundraise. There really are three costs of working with a bad bookkeeper.

  1. This is because bookkeepers who do not have experience working with venture backed startups usually are less efficient to get the job done. And since most accounts bill by the hour, this ends up costing more.
  2. Secondly, bookkeepers who are unfamiliar with VC backed businesses often end up asking the founder a lot of questions, as they try to figure out where all the company’s cash is coming from (no, the $4 million seed investment is not “bank interest!”)
  3. Finally, the early stage-companies that we work with expect to go through venture capital due diligence for their next funding round. Your bookkeeper can either make financial diligence a breeze - or can dramatically slow down your deal. We recommend working with someone like Kruze, who knows how to talk to VCs and help get companies funded.

For an early-stage company with low monthly expenses and no revenue, monthly bookkeeping costs should probably be under $1,000 - if not dramatically less. Our plans start at under $300 per month, and go up as the company becomes more complicated and expenses grow. See what’s included in our pricing plans!

Basic Bookkeeping

Founder Timesaver


Chart of Accounts Industry Standard Template Industry Standard Template Custom
Departments and Classes No No Yes
Consolidations No No Yes
Inventory No No Yes
Financing & Due Diligence Reports No No Yes
Audit Preparation No No Yes
Qualitative Trend Analysis & Advice No No Yes
Multiple Currencies No No Yes
Reimbursement/check volume 10 High Unlimited
Supported Accounting Software QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Online, Netsuite
Mandated Systems, Expensify, Track1099, Expensify, Track1099, Many Expenses Mgmt Systems
Required Payroll Provider Gusto, Rippling, Justworks, Trinet Gusto, Rippling, Justworks, Trinet Most
Pay Period Requirements 2x a Month 2x a Month Unlimited
Custom Reporting No No Yes
Supported Banks, Credit Cards Limited Limited Most
Revenue Collection System Limited Limited Unlimited
HR Best Practices No Yes Yes

Which bookkeeping and accounting pricing plan is right for you?

We happy to talk with you about the differences between our pricing plans, but recommend you pick the plan that matches your funding levels and the amount of time you want to dedicate to your bookkeeping and regulatory paperwork.

Kruze is 100% focused on working with funded Delaware C-Corps who have raised at least half a million in seed or venture capital financing. 

The minimum on-boarding cost for a new client is $500, and there could be additional costs associated with correcting previous months' financials. 


It's actually a lot harder than it looks! But our ability to offer high quality bookkeeping services at such a low price is due to a combination of our focus, experience and technology.

Because we only work with early-stage, funded companies, we've developed deep expertise and detailed, battle-tested processes specific to the needs of our clients. Secondly, our team is highly experienced - our account managers have an average of 11 year of experience, which means they don't have to reinvent the wheel every time a client has a need. Someone in Kruze has probably seen it and done it, which saves us time and lowers our costs. Finally, we've built in-house software to help us generate our clients' books and financial reports. We combine that proprietary technology with best-in-class, off-the-shelf software like QuickBooks, Expensify and others to deliver high quality, and affordable, services. 

Client testimonials

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We're huge fans of Vanessa and the folks at Kruze Consulting. They set up our books, finances, and other operations, and are constantly organized and on top of things. As a startup, you have to focus on your product and customers, and Kruze takes care of everything else (which is a massive sigh of relief). I highly highly highly recommend working with Vanessa and her team.

Vivek Sodera
Vivek Sodera
Co-Founder @ Superhuman
Quote icon

Kruze's financial infrastructure empowers me to focus on my team, our products, and our customers. As an entrepreneur I couldn't be happier.

Jake Lodwick
Jake Lodwick
Creator of Vimeo
Quote icon

Avochato has been growing rapidly in the past year – in fact, too quickly for us to keep up with books, taxes, and budgeting for growth. Partnering with Kruze Consulting has been fantastic to manage, track, and analyze our finances while we continue focusing on building our customer base. Kruze’s team knows what startups need.

Alex De Simone
Alex De Simone
CEO @ Avochato
Quote icon

I had a great experience working with Kruze Consulting when we raised Series A. They know what VCs need to see, and how to present a startup’s books and finances. If you are going to raise venture capital, you need experts like Kruze.

Chris Mansi
Chris Mansi
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Kruze Consulting is the perfect Accounting, Finance and Tax partner for Los Angeles Startups. Kruze delivers exceptional monthly reporting and financial projections. When we need help with benefits or payroll, Kruze solves our problems. Kruze does our taxes for a fraction of what previous accountants have charged. Thank you Kruze for being a great partner.

Brett O'Brien
Brett O'Brien
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Being a repeat tech entrepreneur, I know how challenging it is to find the ideal CFO - not only is it often expensive to find the right one, but CFOs who combine expertise with scrappiness, market vision and perspective with detail orientation and 'roll up your sleeves' execution is near impossible for an early stage company. So I've been thrilled to work with Kruze Consulting, who not only provide all the ideal characteristics of a top-tier tech CFO, but also live and breathe entrepreneurship themselves. I've known Scott and Vanessa for many years and their deep personal integrity and strong reputation in the industry and made it an easy decision to work with them again.

Tina Fitch
Tina Fitch
CEO @ HobNob
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NIH, NSF, and SBIR grant compliance can add a lot of overhead for a start-up. The Kruze team makes it easy, so we can spend our time growing the business instead of shoveling paperwork.

Charlie Silver
Charlie Silver
CEO @ Mission Bio
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As a startup, it’s incredibly important to keep track of where our money is coming from and where it’s being spent. Kruze Consulting really helps keep our books and taxes in order so that we can focus on the core business. Extremely responsive and very professional, the accountants at Kruze Consulting are a pleasure to work with. We’d highly recommend their services.

Peter Lai
Peter Lai
CEO @ Emburse

Consulting, Tax and Valuation Prices

Competitively priced for high-growth companies

See our monthly pricing plans

Financial Consulting

Staff Accountant $85
Senior Staff Accountant $110
Controller $140
Financial Modeling $300
Venture Debt $300
CFO $300
Tax Advisory $395

Startup 409A Valuation

Seed $1,500
Seed A $2,000
Seed B $2,500
Seed C $3,000

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