ORIX Corporation USA is a company that provides capital to middle-market - and startup - clients. ORIX’s expertise include investment capital, asset management services and even customized solutions for complex client needs. Of interest to startups, ORIX provides growth debt financing to fast growing technology companies.

ORIX’s financial stability and access to deep resources let their team design and implement the best flexible, forward-thinking capital solutions on a very competitive market industry. The company is listed on the NYSE and the Tokyo stock exchanges, and has assets under management of ~$356 billion.

Don’t miss out to listen to our Founders & Friends podcast with Joel Gragg, Managing Director at ORIX Corporate USA, discussing how growth stage startups use debt as part of their capital structure. Joel also talks about how greater predictability in startup revenue and customers unlocks more and more low-cost loans, enabling startups to fund their growth without giving up lots of equity.

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