Growlabs is a marketing and sales automation service that helps B2B companies identify new customers and accelerate their growth.

How does it work? Growlabs automatically finds leads from their 320M leads database that will match your perfect customer profile. But there’s more! They will help you engage with them using their Machine Learning algorithm to easily know who you need to send your campaigns to and when it’s the perfect time for a follow-up.

When a user replies positively, they pass the info directly to your sales reps so they can start working their magic on real qualified prospects and potential clients.

This not only saves a lot of time for your sales team, but it also automates and improves your marketing efforts to get real happy customers at the end of the road.

Listen to our Founders & Friends podcast with Ben Raffi, CEO and Co-founder at GrowLabs, discussing the company’s B2B Lead Generation & Sales Automation solution.

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