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Can someone recommend a good startup bookkeeper in the New York City area?

Vanessa Kruze Kruze Consulting

Vanessa Kruze

CEO and Founder of Kruze Consulting

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If you’re looking for a startup bookkeeper in NYC, I’d be happy to help!

I’m a CPA, the former controller of a venture backed company, and the founder of Kruze Consulting, where we provide Bookkeeping, Finance, Tax and HR consulting to over 700+ funded startups, including many in New York. My team consists of a former VC, a former partner at a Venture Debt Fund and controllers of several funded companies. 

Is this overkill for a bookkeeping firm? 

Yes and no.

Yes, because there are plenty of bookkeepers who can adequately close the books for an ordinary business like a coffee shop or a hair salon. 

No, because startups have very unique needs. High growth companies - in particular ones who have raised capital from professional venture capitalists - have a higher bar when it comes to their finances. Board of Directors typically need specialized reporting. And we’ve seen conversations go to term sheets in the matter of a day, which means your financial due diligence needs to be ready at the drop of a hat.

How to set up bookkeeping for a New York based startup

Your funded company’s bookkeeping partner needs to start de-risking your next venture capital round right away. When we onboard a new client based in New York, we run them through a checklist to make sure we can get their financial files in order to sail through VC financial due diligence. And we start setting up a due diligence folder with your historical financials and other important documents, like tax returns, so you don’t have to delay your Series A, B, etc. while you search for paperwork. For companies based in New York, this can really matter, as the state and city require some specialized compliance paperwork like the CT-3 and the NY City Form NYC-2. Check out our due diligence checklist here so you can see some of the files we start to pull together for you, and see our New York startup tax deadline calendar to see a list of the paperwork you’ll have to remember. 

Our clients have raised over a billion dollars in seed an venture financing in the past 12 months - not too many run of the mill New York bookkeepers can say that. And one to three of our clients are acquired every month. So we know what it takes to keep your books in order to get that next transaction done quickly and with less risk.

What to look for in a startup bookkeeper

Your startup needs a bookkeeper who is reliable, accurate and on time. Venture capitalists don’t like it when their portfolio companies’ numbers keep changing - and you most certainly don’t want your books to change when someone is doing acquisition diligence on your company. You also need a predictable, and affordable, price - which we strive to offer through our fixed fee, subscription plans. And you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up or fixing mistakes (mistakes that we’ve seen both ‘automated’ bookkeepers and non-startup focused bookkeepers make). Finally, you need the expert advice that comes from  years of experience and CPAs. 

Not your average New York City bookkeeper

We have clients in New York City and the greater New York area, and are proud of our clients’ success. Check out the Kruze Consulting Twitter feed to see some of our successful clients, or reach out to us if you want to see what an accountant specialized in startups can do. 

You can get a feel for what it should cost using the tool on our site here.

Feel free to reach out to me: vanessa@kruzeconsulting.com

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