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What are the best accounting firms for a seed funded startup in Silicon Valley?

Vanessa Kruze Kruze Consulting

Vanessa Kruze

CEO and Founder of Kruze Consulting

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What do 100% of seed funded startups in Silicon Valley want to do? Raise a Series A.

My accounting firm’s clients have raised close to $800 million in Series A financing - and that’s not even counting the Seed Extensions, Series B’s and Venture Debt that they’ve raised!

If your seed funded company in Silicon Valley is looking for an experienced accountant, let’s talk. I’m a CPA and founder of Kruze Consulting. I think I’ve built the best team to assist funded companies with their accounting and finance needs in the valley. Everything we do is designed to give our founders the finance advice and numbers they need to manage their company’s growth. And to reduce the amount of time they have to spend on non-core business activities like closing books, managing payroll - all the stuff that a normal business has to do, but that have nothing to do with getting an MVP out the door or hitting the revenue growth rate needed to raise a Series A.

What do seed funded companies need in an accountant?

What I think Kruze Consulting does better than any other accountant is to de-risk that next round. During a new client onboarding, we run a checklist to make sure that the company will be ready to be successful in VC financial due diligence. And we start setting up a due diligence folder with historical books and other important documents, like tax returns, to make sure that everything is ready for that seed funded business to get through the Series A. (Check out our due diligence checklist here so you can see some of the files we start to pull together for you.)

Our services include: temp CFO services, bookkeeping, payroll, benefits, taxes, debt & equity fundraising assistance, 409A reporting, board financials, AR, AP, and HR. We also build financial models for startups that have been used to pitch premier VC firms.

We have offices in San Francisco, Silicon Valley (San Jose), Los Angeles (Santa Monica) and New York City.

Feel free to reach out to me: vanessa@kruzeconsulting.com.

Kruze Consulting San Jose
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We are the experts at helping seed/VC-backed Delaware C-Corps with their accounting and finances!

Talk with a real accountant, not a generic salesperson!

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