Free Resource for Startups Raising Venture Capital

Kruze Consulting’s clients have raised over $500 million in venture and seed funding in the past 12 months, and we’ve worked with top venture capitalists who have invested in our clients.

Due diligence is part of the fundraising process, where a VC will ask questions about the startup’s financials, product and more. A huge part of the reason that companies choose to work with us is because we are experts at helping our clients through the due diligence process.

While every VC will have their own set of questions that they want to ask companies prior to making an investment, Kruze Consulting’s accounting team compared finance, tax and HR due diligence checklists from top tier venture investors. We then created a detailed checklist that we’ve made available, for free, on our website. While it’s unlikely that a startup will receive a diligence checklist as detailed as this one, startup founders can use this list to be better prepared to approach investors during a fundraise.

Get our Ultimate Finance, Tax and HR Due Diligence Checklist for Startups to make sure that you are ready for the questions that the VC’s will ask you!