Some of our newest Quora posts

We’ve been busy answering questions on Quora (you can follow Kruze on Quora here to keep up with all of our newest answers). Below are some of our most recent Answers that you might find interesting!

When do startups have GAAP financials? Vanessa explains that VCs and seed investors do want to know that their portfolio companies have financials that are GAAP compliant, but most startups can’t really afford this. Read what she proposes as the answer.

Would an angel, private equity or VC investor be more interested in a company that is eligible for federal and/or state R&D tax credits? Many venture-funded companies are eligible for Research and Development tax credits - and here is how to get them, and why VCs will find this desirable.

What are examples of VC Due Diligence Check Lists? Pretty self-explanatory! Vanessa breaks down some of the items in a checklist, to help your startup get ready to raise capital.

Should my startup offer a dependent Care FSA? What is a dependent Care FSA account for startups and is it taxable? When should my startup offer a dependent Care FSA account? A Dependent Care FSA account is a pre-tax savings account that you can use towards eligible childcare costs. Read more to find out if your startup should offer one.

What startups are working on telemedicine? An overview of the telemedicine space, with some stats on who is raising VC $.

How many investment portfolios does a VC firm typically have at one time? Kind of a strangely worded question, but we attempt to help show the difference between a portfolio and a portfolio company.

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