Startup Expense Tracking 101

Startup Expense Tracking 101

First Things First

Set up a system to help with expense tracking. You can even do this before you incorporate or set up a business bank account. Make a clear distinction between your personal account and your business account from day one in order to save a lot of time, money and complexity later. As I discussed with the New York Times, you want to make sure you have everything tracked properly in case you are audited by the IRS.

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IRS audits and expense tracking

Transferring personal expenses to business expenses

“Document everything” and use a program like Expensify was my advice when chatting with the NYT

If you are storing all of your receipts in a shoebox? Or stuffed in the glove box in your car? (Yes, this really does happen.) No problem, Kruze Consulting can help you get organized. Just set up a time to talk with us.

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Kruze Consulting's Prices

Financial Consulting

Staff Accountant $85
Senior Staff Accountant $110
Controller $140
Financial Modeling $300
Venture Debt $300
CFO $250
Tax Advisory $395

Kruze's calculator tells you how much it will cost to prepare your startup's tax return.

Save on payroll taxes immediately
We charge a fixed fee of 15% of the anticipated captured credit amount with a minimum fee of $2,000

Startup 409A Valuation

Seed $1500
Seed A $2000
Seed B $2500
Seed C $3000

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