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Vanessa Kruze, CPA Kruze Consulting

Vanessa Kruze, CPA 
Kruze Consulting Founder
Former Startup Controller

High Quality 409A's at a Discounted Price

If you're a startup issuing equity compensation (options/NQSO/ISO), you'll need a 409A for tax purposes

Seed Stage
Series A
Series B
Series C

What We Offer

Group of People IconTop 409 Firms

Our valuation partners have the highest certifications and designations and perform over 150 409A valuations per month. They are former Big 4 valuation partners and investment bankers from top firms. No work is done offshore.

valuation methodologies IconAudit Defensible

We apply valuation methodologies and assumptions that are specifically tailored to your unique situation. The valuation methodology follows AICPA and USAPAP guidelines closely making the reports audit ready.

Valuations Terms IconCompleted in 10 Business Days

Valuations are completed 10 Business Days from the date that all company information is submitted. For Kruze clients, that’s easy because we already have your info in our systems.

In Depth Report IconIn Depth Report

Upon conclusion of our findings, you will receive a 30+ page in depth 409A report that is readily shareable with your investors and Board.

Validation IconValid for 12 Months

Unless there are significant changes like a new investment round.

Cost Effective IconCost Effective

Our economies of scale bring the cost down without compromising quality.

Interested in a 409A for tax purposes?

We can help you through every step of the process: from understanding key terms to getting the best deal.*

Docs Needed for a 409A Valuation

Lawyer to Provide

  • Cap Table
  • Last round of financing (date, # of shares, price)
  • Applicable ledgers
  • Number of options/warrants including applicable strike prices
  • Number of options to be issued in next 12 months
  • Most recent amended articles of incorporation

CFO/Kruze to Provide

  • Balance Sheet as of valuation date
  • Income Statement as of valuation date
  • Historical financial statements (preferably 1-3 yrs)
  • Financial Model for 18-36 months

Company to Provide

  • Pitch Deck
  • Timing of most likely liquidity event
  • In regards to the Series Seed round you plan on raising this quarter: Will it be convertible debt, preferred stock, or both? Has Company accepted a written offer? Is there a signed term sheet? Do you expect the anticipated financing to be included pro-forma in this 409A valuation?
  • 2-5 Public Comp suggestions
  • Private comp suggestions
  • Name of external legal counsel

Name of External Audit Firm:

Kruze Consulting, Inc.

Consulting, Tax and Valuation Prices

Competitively priced for high-growth companies

See our monthly pricing plans

Financial Consulting

Staff Accountant $85
Senior Staff Accountant $110
Controller $140
Financial Modeling $300
Venture Debt $300
CFO $300
Tax Advisory $395

Startup 409A Valuation

Seed $1,500
Seed A $2,000
Seed B $2,500
Seed C $3,000

Information for Every Startup

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