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Tips for Startup Financial Health

Kruze Consulting is your solution for all things related to accounting, finance, tax and HR for startups. We work with over 700 startups and we would love to share some tips to get your startup’s bookkeeping headed in the right direction.

Set up a system to help your startup with expense management.

You should set up a system to track expenses from day 1, even before you incorporate or have a business bank account. The Best Expense Management Software can help.

How important is Expense Management for a startup?

Startup Expense Management 101

The Best Banks for Funded Startups

Venture capital backed startups have very different banking needs vs traditional small businesses. We’ve worked with hundreds of funded companies that have raised billions of dollars in VC funding - right now the best banks for startups are FRB, Rho and Mercury.

How to choose the right bank for your startup

How to choose the best Payroll System for your startup

The moment when you begin hiring employees is a key point in any startup’s life. For founders, picking a payroll system presents an important decision that will matter a lot over time.

Kruze Consulting has helped hundreds of early stage startups set up their first payroll, so we’ve developed a keen sense of what matters most to founders as they take this step.

Find The Best Payroll Systems in 2023

Find The Best Payroll Systems

Best Startup Accounting Software

How to pick the best accounting software for your startup

I’m a leading startup-focused CPA, and my team has worked with many accounting software systems - QuickBooks is the best option for startups. My team has helped over a thousand early-stage startups set up their financial systems.

Vanessa Kruze

Vanessa Kruze

CPA, Kruze Consulting’s CEO and Founder

Pick the best accounting software options on the market today

Keep Up To Date With Tax Compliance

In addition to using the best software tools to run your business, we want to make sure you’re keeping on top of taxes. Here’s how to not miss important tax deadlines.

Meet Tax Deadlines

Former VC and Startup Operating Expert,
VP of FP&A at Kruze Consulting

How To Build A Startup Financial Model

Startups create financial models to raise capital, sell to an acquirer or to manage the teams budget. You’ll find financial models that you can download and use on your own, tips on how to build a financial model and information on how to work with an outsourced financial modeling firm like Kruze Consulting.

Build a Startup Financial Model

Be Ready for VC and M&A Due Diligence - The ultimate finance and HR diligence checklist for startups

Kruze Consulting clients have raised over $10 billion in venture capital funding, and on average one of our startup clients is acquired a month. We know how quickly investments and acquisitions can come together, and recommend that startups are ready for due diligence ahead of time.

VC + M&A Due Diligence Checklist

Startup VC Due Diligence Checklist

How to Pay International Employees and Contractors

There is incredible talent abroad, outside of the United States. So companies want to take advantage of it.

A lot of startups hiring international tech talent, international marketing talent, even international administrative talent

Best Ways to Hire International Talent

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