Venture Debt Market to Grow to $10 Billion in 2019

As experts in the venture debt market, we recently released a study that surveyed venture debt firms and bankers representing over 85% of the venture debt market.

While venture capital is a well-understood capital source, venture debt is more of a mystery. Our survey helps unlock some of the trends in the space, making it easier for founders of startup to decide if venture debt is a good funding source for them.

“The venture debt market has continued to grow, and is a key component of the long term financing needs for top tier venture capital-backed technology companies,” said Mike Lederman, SVP at Bridge Bank. “Bridge Bank values our relationships in the space and we look forward to continuing to work with Kruze Consulting and their clients.”

“Pacific Western Bank’s Venture Banking team is proud to contribute to the largest venture debt market survey ever conducted,” said Laurie Lumenti Garty, Managing Director and Head of Venture Relations and Startup Services at Pacific Western Bank. “The results of the survey confirm that the venture debt market is an ever-growing part of the startup funding ecosystem that provides extreme value to startups and their equity sponsors.”

“Thanks to Kruze Consulting for putting this study together,” said John Benetti, of the Venture Capital Group at Comerica. “The survey confirms the growth we’ve seen in the market and we expect that to continue as entrepreneurs and investors continue to realize the value provided through venture debt.”

We also have a page that discusses how early-stage companies can get SBA loans through the COVID stimulus act, or the CARES Act. 

Read the venture debt market study here!