The Best Gusto Accountant for Venture Backed Companies

We’ll help you set up Gusto, as well as manage your employee onboarding process

Vanessa Kruze, CPA Kruze Consulting

Vanessa Kruze CPA,
Gusto Gold Partner

Listen to our Interview with Gusto CEO Josh Reeves

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Josh Reeves of Gusto shares his vision and talks about why Kruze Consulting matters to Gusto clients

Josh Reeves

Josh Reeves
Gusto CEO

  when you have a complex question, when you want to think about how to build your business more efficiently, when you want to think about how your hiring should look like for the next year - you should talk to a partner like Kruze …

Accounting, Finance, Tax & HR for Startups

For Seed and Venture Funded Gusto Clients

Interim CFO
Looking to raise a round of capital? We'll guide you through the process.
We reconcile your accounts, provide reporting, and help you manage AP/AR.
Financial Modeling
We build financial models that have been used to pitch top investors and VC firms.
Reg CF Review
Title III CPA Reviews for Crowdfunding.
409A Valuation
Know what you're worth. We'll help you get it done right.
Get the insider's view on tips and tricks.
Tax & Audit

We help you stay in compliance, from sales tax to R&D tax credits to local tax to annual tax.

We’ll help you set up Gusto, as well as manage your employee onboarding process
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Why are We the Best Gusto Accountant for Venture Backed Startups?

  We think that we are the best accountant to work with if you are a venture or seed funded company using Gusto because our clients have raised over $10 billion dollars in seed and venture financing in the past twelve months, we are a Gusto Gold Partner, we use industry standard software like Quickbooks (good luck getting acquired by a public company if you are using some oddball startup accounting software!), and we provide the full suite of accounting services venture backed companies need – including tax.

Technology Partners

Consulting, Tax and Valuation Prices

Competitively priced for high-growth companies

See our monthly pricing plans

Financial Consulting

Staff Accountant $120
Senior Staff Accountant $170
Controller $200
Senior Controller $250
Financial Modeling $400
CFO / COO / VP $400

Tax Advice

Administrative $115
Tax Analyst $175
Senior Tax Analyst $295
Tax Manager $395
Tax VP $495
CEO $495

Gusto clients
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$250M+ VC Funding Raised
I had a great experience working with Kruze Consulting when we raised Series A. They know what VCs need to see, and how to present a startup’s books and finances. If you are going to raise venture capital, you need experts like Kruze.
Chris Mansi Viz AI

Chris Mansi


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