Recent Kruze Consulting Top 3 Most Popular Podcasts

Scott Orn, Kruze Consulting’s COO, has been busy at work interviewing many of the most interesting people on the tech, finance, legal, and HR spheres on the startup environment. Kruze now has over 100 podcasts with inspiring tech leaders!

Here you have the three most popular podcasts of the last quarter - we encourage you to check them out:

-Robbie Mitchell

Robbie talked about how to build a business intelligence stack for customer communications. He also shared his founder’s journey, explaining the obstacles his team overcame to create strong foundations for his startup. Finally, Robbie dies into details on how other companies can use machine learning technology to create an integrated communications view and a business stack for the most important communications.

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-Dave Schappell

Dave talked about raising seed and VC funding as a repeat entrepreneur. He also shared some interesting tips and ideas to help get future investors excited about his startup. Scott and he discussed some other relevant info and process to help keep your startup’s VCs and investors happy - and your company’s finance in good shape.

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-Andre Gharakhanian ofSilicon Legal Strategy

Silicon Legal Strategy is a leading startup law firm (see our list of top startup law firms here to see how highly they rank!). Andre Gharakhanian, SLS’s founder, shared some insights on how to grow a leading law firm focused on serving startups. Andre’s qualifications and experiences are impressive - he and his firm were the first outside lawyers to well-known companies like Uber, Pinterest, and Instagram. He spoke with Scott about the legal strategies needed for serving such fast-growth startups. It’s a time of rapid change, and startups need to be prepared for the next stage in business. Silicon Legal Strategy is totally focused on helping companies with an important scaling future.

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