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What is the best state to incorporate a startup?

Vanessa Kruze Kruze Consulting

Vanessa Kruze

CEO and Founder of Kruze Consulting

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I’m a Deloitte Tax alum, CPA, interim CFO, and I prepare 150+ startup (DE C-Corp) tax returns every year.

If you’re a startup that is seeking VC investment in the future, you must be a Delaware C Corp. VC’s cannot invest in LLC’s and S Corps without creating serious tax consequences for their fund investors.

Either way, **where you actually pay taxes depends on where you have Sales, Property/Rent, and Payroll. ** This apportionment calc can be tricky, so you should consult with a CPA. Take these two examples, both of which are San Francisco based DE C-Corps:

  1. Company A is a software dev company and has it’s headquarters/payroll in SF and is a DE C-Corp. It files a CA and Federal tax return, but it also pays Connecticut Sales Tax because it’s sole customer is based in Connecticut (and CT for some weird reason taxes software dev!).

  2. Company B is an app company and has it’s headquarters in NYC and is a DE C-Corp. It has nationwide revenue, but the vast majority of its employees are in NY, NJ, and MA. It files a NY, NJ, MA, and Federal tax return.


We are the experts at helping seed/VC-backed Delaware C-Corps with their accounting and finances!

Talk with a real accountant, not a generic salesperson!

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