Featured Service - Emburse

Emburse’s virtual cards and expense management system is truly amazing for keeping expenses within your company well organized and controlled.

At Kruze Consulting, we strongly recommend Emburse to our clients, even team members or employees.

Sometimes they get the traditional corporate credit card and go wild. That’s when Emburse comes into play. It actually creates a virtual startup credit card, and even a physical card if needed, but you can put a limit on how much is actually able to be spent on that card, and then you have a lot of options to categorize the expenses, when it comes back into QuickBooks, things like that, so actually it makes our operation a lot more efficient!

Listen to our Founders & Friends podcast with Peter Lai, Co-Founder and CEO of Emburse, sharing his tips on attacking new markets, grinding out the product/market fit stage of a startup and explaining how he came up with the idea for Emburse.

Make sure you visit www.emburse.com to learn more about this amazing application!

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