The Recent Flurry of IRS Change of Address Notifications

Over the past week you may have received a Change of Address notice from the IRS. We called the IRS about this and discovered that the IRS added another line to everyone’s address block (%ABCInc - see the Kruze version in the photo above). This extra line triggered a Change of Address for many companies, including at least 20+ Kruze Consulting clients.

Let’s cry for the thousands of razed forests sacrificed in this offering!

We’re 99.9% sure that if you received one of these notices, it’s probably a result of the “extra line added.” That said, notices from the IRS should always be taken seriously. There have been instances where identity thieves have filed a Change of Address form in an effort to intercept tax refund checks.

Therefore, as a best practice, we recommend that you be safe rather than sorry. Pop in some earbuds, call the IRS, stay on hold for 90+ minutes, and verify that the notice you received was indeed a result of the addition of an extra line in your address block.

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