Clerky: A Great Tool for Startup Legal Compliance

At Kruze Consulting, legal compliance is a big point of emphasis. Venture capital investment rounds and even acquisition offers come together quickly and a startup should never let compliance troubles hold up a deal. When a startup CEO gets a term sheet, she should be in a position to execute the deal immediately.

With the importance of compliance in mind, we’re excited to tell you about a new startup legal compliance tool named Clerky. Recently, a new startup client came to Kruze Consulting with a term sheet in hand. After we ran the company through our compliance check and interviewed the CEO, we realized there was a lot of legal work to do before the company could actually execute its term sheet. That’s when we reached out to Clerky for help.

Clerky expedited the startup’s Delaware Certificate of Good Standing, got the company registered in California and also processed the company’s Certificate of Good Standing in California. These requests could take weeks but Clerky finished in four days! Throughout the process, Clerky’s support team, led by Haw Kuo, kept us updated and did a great job.

The result was a happy CEO client and a startup ready to execute its term sheet. Kruze Consulting is excited to have another fantastic partner in the startup ecosystem that we can trust. Thanks Clerky!

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