Best Shopify Apps

We work and do the accounting for a TON of eCommerce companies, and have seen many different configurations of Shopify apps. Here is our list of the best apps for your Shopify software stack:

  • Shopify - obviously!
  • Affirm - Installment Payments
  • Klaviyo - Email Marketing
  • Octane AI - Quiz, Messenger, SMS, Pop-Ups
  • ReCharge - Billing for subscription products
  • Reviews: Okendo, Yotpo, or Stamped 
  • Loyalty Programs: Smile or Swell 
  • Kruze Consulting - Accounting

The most important part of the Shopify stack is actually Shopify. Of course. So we highly recommend you use that when you’re running an eCommerce operation. 

Next is Affirm, which allows installment payments. So when customers come to your site, they can actually buy things over time using Affirm. That’s kind of nice. Most people like to use credit cards. But there’s some people who want to, or need to, pay in installments. And so Affirm makes that possible. 

Now, the next one is Кlаviуо, which is doing email marketing. We’ve seen companies have a lot of success using Кlаviуо, so check that out. 

Next is Octane AI. And Octane does a bunch of really cool features that plug into your Shopify environment. And the core thing with Octane is, it really helps you engage your customers when they’re on your shop. But it also allows you to reach them via SMS or Messenger when they’re off your shop. So, the quizzes and things like that really help drive engagement. And when people are engaged, they just tend to buy more. And then the ability to reach them later, when they’re not on your shop, really can drive increased purchases as well. So definitely check out Octane AI. 

We see clients having success with ReCharge. That’s a great solution for billing for subscription products. So we really like ReCharge. It’s a great solution there. It helps you keep you subscription revenue healthy. 

The next one is a bunch of different apps that we like for reviews. So Okendo, Yotpo, Stamped, those are all good review applications to plug in to Shopify. And then, you can also do, for loyalty programs, check out Smile, or Swell. Those are two really good loyalty programs that work well in the Shopify environment. 

And then finally, Kruze. We do all the accounting for quite a few e-commerce companies. And we have about 70% of our transactions are actually recognized automatically by our in-house software. So, we’re adding ourselves to the Shopify stack. It really does help to have a good accountant if you’re running an e-commerce operation. You actually know what your gross margin is, you know what your inventory tracking is, you know what your revenue is. And most of all you know what your profits are. 

So that’s our favorite Shopify stack. Now others may have different opinions. But we know all of those applications work really, really well. It will simplify your life. It’s gonna increase your revenue. And frankly, it’s just gonna make your life a lot easier.