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How can I generate a statement for the Clearing account from Stripe?

Vanessa Kruze Kruze Consulting

Vanessa Kruze

CEO and Founder of Kruze Consulting

To get a Clearing account statement from Stripe, first, log in. Then, click on Settings in the left-hand menu. Next click on Data - it’s all the way to the bottom, so you’ll need to scroll down. It’ll give you two options - click Download report next to Monthly Report and it will automatically download the file up to the current day.

All Stripe payouts that hit your bank account are recorded to the Stripe Clearing Account. Once the Net Activity entries are entered to record Revenue, the entry will hit the Stripe Clearing account. Once entered, you can use the Monthly Statement you downloaded to reconcile the beginning and ending balance of the Stripe balance to what’s in QuickBooks Online.

And if you want to learn more about Stripe’s corporate card vs. Brex’s card, check out this analysis.

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