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What kinds of taxes must start-ups pay for funding in California?

Vanessa Kruze Kruze Consulting

Vanessa Kruze

CEO and Founder of Kruze Consulting

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The taxes that you’ll need to pay depend on your unique situation, so it’s best to contact a CPA. I’m a CPA/interim CFO and I work with over 550+ startups. Here’s an example of the myriad of filings and taxes that a VC backed SF based Delaware-incorporated startup must pay:

  • Jan 31: Send out 1099s sent out to contractors, W2s to employees.

  • Feb 28: SF Payroll tax due (to close out previous year)

  • Feb 28: DE Franchise tax due (depends on your Balance Sheet and Stock issued/outstanding)

  • Mar 15: C Corp Tax Return due (but can extend to 9/15 for Fed)

  • Apr 1: File your SF 571-L Business Property Return (may or may not need to file, SF will prompt you)

  • Apr 15: $800 Annual CA Franchise Tax due

  • Apr 30: SF Payroll Tax Quarterly Installment due

  • May 31: File your SF Business Registration Renewal

  • July 31: SF Payroll Tax Quarterly Installment due

  • **Aug 31: **Pay your SF 571-L taxes

  • Oct 31: SF Payroll Tax Quarterly Installment due

  • Rolling: $25 Statement of Information due, check your mailbox for a white postcard.

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