What are the best Ruby on Rails development firms in the San Francisco Bay Area?

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Kruze Consulting Startup Q&A Author
Vanessa Kruze
Founder, CPA

Thoughtbot is really fantastic. What I like about them is that they handle the whole process, they’re not just a body shop. They work with entrepreneurs to isolate the behaviors and goals that the app should be producing and then their design team mocks up prototypes. Sometimes they even do paper prototypes which is super helpful because you are not wasting money on code that will never be used.

The design is top notch and the devs who handle all the rails work are fantastic. I like that you can even sit next to them in Thoughtbot’s office and answer questions on the fly as they code. It really increases the speed of development and the app is better for it.

I used Thoughtbot for Citizen Lender (app not exposed yet) and they were terrific. Dan Croak is a total pro.

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