When you receive an investment from a venture capital firm, can you still send proposals to other venture capital firms?

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Kruze Consulting Startup Q&A Author
Vanessa Kruze
Founder, CPA

Absolutely. However you are likely pitching VC’s and if they like your company, they will be sending you the proposal, or term sheet.

At Kruze Consulting, we encourage our clients to negotiate with multiple VC’s until they get to a term sheet they like. At that point, they should sign the term sheet, complete the diligence and get the deal done.

The VC world is a very small place, and if a startup has signed multiple term sheets, it will come out very quickly. You will lose both offers and it’s a really bad signal to send to the market. Remember, VC’s are your partners for a very long time. It’s super important to be trustworthy and a good partner.

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