What Startup Systems to Set Up First?

What Startup Systems to Set Up First?
Posted on Wed, 25 October 2017 by Vanessa Kruze

Video: What are the First Systems to Set Up When Starting a Company?

We help venture back startups with everything from accounting, finance, tax, and HR. One of the biggest questions that we get from our new founders is what systems they should set up.

The answer is, number one, you should absolutely be on QuickBooks. Not Xero, not NetSuite, not FreshBooks. All great products, but, if you’re looking for something that actually scales with you for when you’re two employees all the way up to when you’re 100, the answer is QuickBooks.

The other three programs that you will absolutely need, and I like to call these the Holy Trinity, are:

There’s a reason why you’re gonna want to use explicitly those three programs, not any others, but just take my word for it. Gusto, Expensify, and Bill.com are your three choices!

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