Kruze Consulting Firm Overview

Tue, 17 July 2018 - Lucila Romero

Vanessa Kruze has a passion for startups and loves being a financial copilot for businesses. QuickBooks Online helps her go beyond the reports and forms and help founders and business owners understand the valuable data in their financials.

Check out this interview with our founder, Vanessa Kruze, made by IntuitAcademy.

“You know, it’s funny, I never thought I would be an accountant. On a whim, I tried an accounting class, and it just instantly clicked. 

“I’m Vanessa Kruze. I’m the founder of Kruze Consulting. I do accounting, finance, tax, and HR specifically for startups. 

When I first started, I found that there were really kind of a select few clients that I could really provide more than just bookkeeping or reports or taxes for. And those were the startups. 

So I think for me being a trust advisor means openly sharing knowledge and information, and that really just builds the relationship from there. 

I would say that a big part of our success really comes from our team. We’ve gone from six or eight employees at the start of 2017, now up to 30, which is nuts. You know, as we hired each and every person, we took our time and made sure that it was the right hire. And that was really the best way to go, because those foundational first people have really kind of carried the ball in terms of making sure that the clients still stay happy and making sure that they’re training each other. 

I really discovered more of the human aspect of accounting. It wasn’t just about the reports anymore; it was about helping our founders grow their business. So in many ways, I get to be kind of like the co-pilot to all of these amazing startups that are doing amazing things, and if I can help those companies be successful, that’s what makes me really happy at the end of the day.


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