Join.Me Features Kruze Consulting Startup Accounting Firm

Mon, 12 October 2015 - Scott Orn

We’re thrilled that Join.Me profiled Kruze Consulting’s fast growing Startup Accounting business. Our clients love our Join.Me screen sharing sessions. It makes both Kruze Consulting and our clients so much more productive. We all save time, and most importantly, it lets our clients get back to building their own startups faster!

Thank you Join.Me for the support, the spotlight on Kruze Consulting and for building a terrific service that we use every day!

Kruze Consulting is a leading accounting firm working with seed and venture funded Delaware C-Corps. Funded startups choose Kruze Consulting’s team of CPAs, bookkeepers, CFOs, former IRS tax auditors, and venture experts. In addition to running the books, Kruze does tax, finance, and HR. Contact Kruze today!


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