Featured Service - Square 1 Bank

Featured Service - Square 1 Bank
Posted on Fri, 26 January 2018 by Scott Orn

Growing companies is what they do. From early stage to IPO and beyond.

With a range of financial services and expert guidance. If you’re ready to grow, they are ready to help. Square 1 was created with the goal of serving entrepreneurs and their investors in an unprecedented way.

To do this, their founders, all entrepreneurs themselves, assembled experts from across several industries, including financial services, technology, and venture banking.

Listen to our Founders & Friends podcast with Laurie Lumenti-Garty, Senior Vice President of Square1Bank joining us to explain the services that every startup should receive from its bank. Square One focuses entirely on startups and does an excellent job. Laurie walks through Cash Management, Venture Debt and other financial services that are helpful to startups. Laurie & Square One have been great partners of Kruze Consulting and we recommend them to our clients.

Make sure you visit www.square1bank.com to learn more about this amazing service!

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